Question and Answers

Q? How does consignment work?

So you want to clear your closets of the clothes and related accessories you no longer wear, and you are wondering if you should hold a yard sale or take them to a consignment store, right? Isn't it time for your clothes to do some work for you? With just a little effort, you can make the most of selling your clothing by making an appointment and bringing the best of them to Growing Pains Family Consignment.
Our shoppers expect everything we offer to be in Ready-to-Wear. This means that all items you bring to us MUST BE: Recently cleaned (and pressed, if applicable), Wrinkle-free, Spot-free, Damage-Free, and Odor-Free especially odors from things like mothballs, mildew, pets, cooking aromas, and tobacco smoke. Our shoppers look for the same seasonal items they'd find in any major clothing store. Our shoppers also want current styles, that is, items which were purchased new, no more than 3 years old.

For more details about our process, browse our FAQs. If your question isn't answered we'll be happy to provide more information when you visit us or call us to schedule your consignment

Q? Do you buy?
No, we are a true consignment store. You retain item ownership during its consignment period.
Q? Should I have a yard sale first?
No, typically, the best has already been purchased by yard sale shoppers. If you are thinking of consigning AND having a yard sale, do so in that order. Consign first. Let us choose and sell your better items (making you more money when the items sell) and THEN let the yard sale shoppers buy the remaining items for the lower amount they would normally offer anyway.
Q? Who determines the price?
Our staff sets the price, based in part on their knowledge of the local markets. Characteristics such as brand, style, age, condition, color, demand, and past selling history are factored into each pricing decision - all can affect the price we will ask. Since each one is individually priced, until we see an item we have no way of knowing how much we could ask for it.
Q? How much can I bring?
If this is your first time consigning with us, we ask that you bring at least 10 items, but not more than 30 items. Sets and suits are considered to be one item; accessories such as jewelry and purses count as items as well.. 30 is not an indication of how many items we may accept; it is the maximum number of your items that we can review in the half hour we've reserved just for you. We understand if you go over the limit by one or two, but if you have more than 30 items, we ask that you make a second appointment at a later date. Please, do not bring extra pieces to "replace" any that we may not accept. The extra time required to inspect them would cause your allocated time to overflow into the next consignor's appointment time, which would be unfair to that next consignor.
Q? Do I need an appointment?
Yes- so that when you arrive we will be ready to devote time just to you; you won't have to stand in a line waiting to be served. Our appointment calendar is normally booked two to six weeks in advance; sometimes more and sometimes less. Please note that as the year-end holidays approach, our appointment calendar (for consigning winter items) fills very fast. DON'T wait until the last hour to make an appointment.
Q? What is considered "Clean"?
Our shoppers want clean clothes that are wrinkle-free, spot-free, stain-free, wear-free, damage-free, and odor-free, especially odors from pets, mildew, moth balls, cooking aromas, or tobacco smoke. In other words, each item must be in like new, ready-to-wear condition.
Q? When am I paid?

You can also call any time we are open for business to ask about your funds, but we do ask - PLEASE - don't call us every few days just to check your account's status. You may collect any balance in your account any time we are open for business, we do ask that you let your account build to at least $5.00 before picking up, this is to not be wasteful.

Q? Who can drop & run?
Any consigner that has already established an account may utilize our drop & run program at any time. If you have not yet opened an account (with a signed agreement), you will need to make an appointment for your first few visits. Why? So first-timers can see the type of merchandise we are looking for, gain an understanding of our procedures, gain knowledge as to why some items are not accepted, and know what happens to their merchandise through the consignment period.
Q? The drop and run program will work for you if....

You are looking to bring in items when it is most convenient for you. You do not want back the items we are unable to sell for you. You do not want your hangers back. You bring you items in a container that you will not require back.

Q? The drop and run program will not work for you if.....
You want to have back the items we are unable to sell for you. You assume we will accept everything you drop off because you believe they are all problem-free. You want to know exactly what was accepted.
You want to work on items that need re-cleaning, or have issues to be addressed (like missing buttons). You have a large number of items that upon our later inspection are unuseable.
Q? WHen can I do a drop and run?
Drop & run items can be brought in without an appointment. You may drop off your items without a phone call Wednesday thru Friday during business hours. Saturdays we request you call in advance to make sure there will be a staff member in our receiving room to accept your merchandise.
Q? How many items can I bring at 1 time?
We are able to handle up to 100 items for a drop and run. If you have amount larger than that please call to make special arrangements.
Q? With a drop and run will I know how many items you keep?
No, we will go through your items at a later time and anything which is deemed unusable will be donated. If you wish to know what items we keep, please refer to the making an appointment FAQ.